Desktop Virtualisation - Capacity

While virtualisation of servers, applications and data are proven to show measurable gains in productivity combined with reductions in costs and resources, virtualisation of desktops has until now been a largely unexplored area. 

However, desktop virtualisation is beginning to show potentially compelling reasons for organisations to begin moving to such a methodology, including:

  • Simplification of desktop management and deployment
  • Deliver desktops to users anywhere, and on any device
  • Simple and granular control of confidential data across the enterprise
  • Virtual delivery of applications
  • Integration of management tools
  • Improved security with the ability to reduce the threat of malicious code

Desktop virtualisation does however require careful planning and implementation to avoid the host server running out of resources, causing disruption with other services. It is critical to test the scalability and capacity of the server to determine how many client virtual machines a specific server can support in specific deployment scenarios. 

As part of our services in delivering virtual infrastructures we provide detailed inspection of your current hardware and report on the viability of implementing virtual desktops within your organisation with regards to capacity and performance.

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