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Collaboration Solutions


We all know that working together as a team brings better results faster, improving the quality of product or services and raising customer satisfaction – and therefore their loyalty. Using collaborative software to guide your staff and help them work together more efficiently and productively can result in dramatic improvements in how your organisation attracts, wins and retains customers – a vital advantage in today’s competitive environment.

We Solve IT Provide collaboration solutions along with services and support to underpin your business objectives, freeing you to focus more on your work and less on the back office – and providing the platform for your staff to complete tasks and deliver astounding customer satisfaction.

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    Your customers may be your lifeblood - but how much do you know about them?

    We help organisations bring together their tacit knowledge about customers, prospects and business partners, and consolidate that information into accessible data to help you focus your sales efforts and measure your marketing activities.
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    Expand your sales and marketing efforts and communicate with your customers, prospects and business partners more effectively.  We integrate CRM systems including Microsoft Dynamics with popular email send engines such as MailChimp, helping you to leverage the power of emarketing and bring another dimension to your marketing strategy.
  • document management
    Managing the flow and storage of documentation within your organisation is essential to assure legislative compliance, maximise your productive time and reduce dead office space.  Take a look at the amount of paper you hold, remember the length of time you are required to retain it, measure how much of your workplace it consumes and try to find some old invoices.  Then you will realise how our document management services will bring so many practical benefits to your office and staff.