Cloud Security


Protecting your valued data and applications is an accepted part of using technology – and with the growth in popularity of cloud computing you need to be sure that if you are looking to introduce an on-premise hosting service, you will possess solutions that will deter or neutralize attempts at intrusion, abuse and theft.

Our cloud security solutions help you to review your hosted systems architecture against two main criteria to help you gauge their effectiveness:

    Security and Privacy

    Within an on-premise cloud service you will need to consider how you control access to business data and your technology resources. Our services provide you with the choice between integrating your current identity management system into your new infrastructure or deploying a new series of systems and processes to negate identified vulnerabilities.

    Physical and personnel security

    With the increased availability of your cloud comes a need to ensure connecting devices are adequately secured. From our partnership with leading security vendors we help organizations ensure that all relevant customer data is restricted and access profiles are documented.


    There is little point in developing a hosted service within your organization if your users cannot access it when required. From connectivity to redundancy, we help in the design and implementation of your cloud service to ensure it remains available and resilient.

    Application Security

    The integrity of your hosted applications be made far more secure by utilising our services in conjunction with vendors such as WatchGuard to actively defend them from attack from external sources and misuse by staff.


    Your customers, prospects and business partners should be assured that any sensitive data they pass on to you will be kept secure. From access management to storage, all of our services consider the implications of a hosted environment and how confidential information may become vulnerable.

  • Compliance

    The cloud may be a relatively new computing idea, but this doesn't mean there is no need to consider the need to meet standards. Compliance with regulatory or industry best practices gives your customers and business partners greater confidence in working with you - and increases the number of prospects wanting to join them too.

    Our work in delivering secure infrastructures consider the need to meet the benchmarks set with legal and industry-applicable standards along with the need to possess reporting tools and audit trails.  These can include the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) , and Sarbanes-Oxley Act, helping you to avoid potentiall costly mistakes during the planning and implementation proccess.