Application Virtualisation

Applications can run even better when virtualised - especially business-critical applications.

By virtualising your applications we can help you to meet vital service levels while making your infrastructure simpler to manage and more efficient. It's even possible to create on-demand application catalogues, making delivering applications to users fast.

  • Double the performance of applications such as Microsoft Exchange
  • Consolidate Microsoft SQL Server deployments
  • Virtualise your Microsoft SharePoint implementation
  • Run applications, middleware and database even faster than before
  • Introduce virtualised shared storage and management for virtualised applications
  • Virtualise and manage storage for virtual machines

  • Virtualise Your Email  

    Email is a fundamental tool for your organisation to operate effectively - but it doesn't have to be an expensive burden on your finances.  With virtualisation you can reduce the cost of your email services while transforming its availability and management. 

    Reduce Costs

    By placing your Exhange email services in a virtual environment you will be reduce your server hardware through consolidating onto a single platform and slash your power consumption by up to £1,000 per year

    Improve availability

    For any organisation it's vital that email services are available for at least during normal working hours if not 24/7.  Virtualisation can help minimise business disruption from email services failing through storage and backup technologies that can bring your email back online in the event of failure in minutes

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    Use our hosted email service with BizLive, our cloud platform for business. 

  • Virtualise Applications

    Take your business applications and place them in a virtual environment - improving management and lowering costs

    Simple Application Management

    From testing, rollout, upgrades and end-of-life, applications are simpler, faster and easier to manage in a virtual environment when compared to individual installations. You can even have different versions of the same application available without them tripping over each other

    Avoid OS Issues

    You might be using a specialist business application which is really important to your organisation - but it isn't compatible with Windows 7, or won't work on a 64-bit system. Not a problem, just virtualise it!

    Faster, Easier Computing

    By virtualising applications you are removing them from the machines used by your staff - freeing up their internal resources thus making them faster and less prone to failure.

    Better Security

    A Virtualised application is isolated from both the operating system and from other apps. That makes it extremely difficult for malware to spread round your system.

    Improved Support

    Responding to user issues is far easier; a problem with an application wouldn't need a visit to the machine, just go to the virtual application to determine the issue.

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    We have a huge amount of experience in virtualising apps for organisations.  Take a look at BizLive, our hosted services for the enterprise.

  • Database Virtualisation

    Our virtualisation service for your database deployments such as SQL or Oracle can help you enjoy faster services while slashing operational costs

    • Add flexibility and agility to your existing infrastructure
    • Enhanced the performance of databases
    • Pool and share computing resources through multi-tenancy or clustering
    • Simplify administration and management
    • Increased resilience of your systems
    By decoupling your databases from within the application stack you can pool the resources of your server and allocate them on demand, making your database deployment more agile. This means you can share the resources of individual servers for multi-tenancy or pool your server resources into a single logical database or cluster. In both cases, database virtualisation provides increased flexibility, more granular and efficient allocation of pooled resources, and more scalable computing.

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    If space or costs are an issue then take a look at BizLive - our cloud service for the enterprise.

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