Virtualisation Performance

Most computing servers conduct tasks without exceeding 15% of their total operating capacity – meaning a huge level of resources are unused. With virtualisation your organisation can leverage the performance power of the servers in your infrastructure by running multiple operating systems on just a single computer.

Adopting a virtual approach to running machines and applications can bring real performance benefits along with reducing capital investment in hardware and attendant management overheads from expanding your infrastructure.

  • Maximise the use of resources available from your server base
  • Minimise the need to purchase additional networking and physical storage hardware as use of applications grows
  • Improve failover and disaster recovery response through replication of virtual machines across servers

Virtualisation Optimised for Your Organisation

Deploying a virtual environment within your organisation is easy with our expert help and advice.  We help organisations maximise their hardware investment through:

Analysing the existing infrastructure to recommend the best strategy
Effective virtualisation depends in part on the hardware to be used as their resources and capacity available will determine factors including vm consolidation and which applications to virtualise.   There can also be additional requirements across other areas of your infrastructure; network performance, security, storage applications, capacity and performance are just a few areas you should review before deploying a virtual environment.  Our pre-implementation analysis looks carefully at your existing hardware base, reviewing your hardware capabilities to ensure you have the optimum foundations to fully exploit the ideal virtualised environment for your organisation and re-provisioning existing hardware where possible to reduce costs.

Enhancing Virtualisation Deployments

While we're confident that a virtualised infrastructure will deliver tangible benefits to your organisation, our implementation services  help improve the performance, availability and security of your deployment.  

Read our business primer on the basics of virtualisation performance

Independent advice and support

From our expertise and close partnership with VMware and Microsoft for their range of virtualisation solutions, we provide vendor agnostic advice and support. Starting from the moment you consider virtualisation for your infrastructure, we recommend only what will deliver the best results for you and your staff while maintaining excellent cost-effectiveness and minimal disruption to your operations.

We Solve IT Also Provide A Nifty Trick From Up Our Sleeve

With extensive development and testing various combinations of virtualisation infrastructures over the past five years we have come up with a unique solution that provides a massive increase in virtualisation performance at less than a third of the cost of traditional approaches.

  • Utilise 10gbit, 20gbit and 40gbit Infiniband switches and cards to propel VMware and Hyper-V hosts and virtual machine throughput at enterprise datacentre levels
  • Have your storage networks and subsystems utilise the same network equipment as Host-to-Host and VM-to-VM networks - effectively halving your equipment requirement
  • Coupled with a significant reduction in cost compared to Fibre Channel and 10gbit equipment, a 3 host solution and SAN VMware implementation can now be yours for under £20,000

Next Step:

Take a look at our virtualisation vendor partners Microsoft and VMware.

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