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Apple Support


From the powerful Apple Mac Pro desktop through to the ubiquitous iPhone, the Apple range of devices are renowned for their contemporary design and intuitive software that help millions of users handle their daily lives in style.

It's also very easy for you to use your Apple device for work.   

More and more people would love to use their Apple products for work as well as for leisure. And not just for email; we integrate Apple iPads and iPhones to handle a wide range of office and business related tasks - wherever you are.


apple products


The range of Apple devices - workstations, laptops, tablets and smartphones - can deliver real value in your workplace, such as:

  • View email and communicate with your colleagues
  • View and store files and data within your organization network, or in the cloud
  • Access your existing applications to edit documents, create presentations, update CRM, accounts or other Line of Business programs 

The opportunities are limitless.  Take a look at some of our integration suggestions below.

  • Use your iPad for Work and Play iPad 5 1

    The iPad may be loved (and desired) by millions, but that doesn't make it any less of a very capable workhorse for your business.  We build on their famous stylish ease of use to bring you an iPad that will help you be more productive in and out of the office too.

    Connect To Your Office - Easily

    The big attraction of the iPad for many is how portable they can be. Lighter than a laptop and certainly less cumbersome to get out while on the move, an iPad can be ideal for field work. One drawback however is that many of the leading business applications - Microsoft Office is one good example - are not available for the iPad platform. We help you overcome this by deploying remote access to your infrastructure and giving your iPad users the ability to quickly connect to read email, write documents, update your CRM or other Line of Business Applications, and so on, wherever they might be located.

    Connect to the Cloud - Even More Easily

    Providing access to your business systems is, for some organizations, not the best option. It can require increased capital expenditure in licencing and hardware for example, while the potential security risks - even when using our renowned connectivity services - are simply too great for some. We recommend using BizLive, our cloud service that gives your users access to a range of popular applications and storage space so that they can work and communicate regardless of their location, all for a low monthly fee.


    The iPad's cool looks make it attractive to thieves, the curious and the mischievious. Which can be a headache if you need to use your device to access sensitive or valuable data. We can help you to customize your iPad to be much more secure than standard, including stronger password configuration and automatic data erasing should the machine be subjected to continual password guess attempts.



  • Use Your iPhone for Business iphone5

    The iPhone is not just a hugely popular smartphone - we can turn it into a superb office assistant, keeping you updated and in touch with your colleagues, customers and partners, while also allowing you to keep control over the device.

    Stay Connected

    We provide connectivity solutions for  your iPhone to access Microsoft Exchange 2010, giving you the ability to securely connect to your email, calendar and contacts. Plus, if you have other Line of Business applications we can give you the ability to distribute these to your iPhone, either on-premise or via hosted applications solution such as BizLive

    Keep control

    If there is one issue with the iPhone, it is how easily they can be lost, stolen, or misused - which would be bad enough for a personal phone but a business handset can be disastrous.

    Minimize the risk with our device management services that help you retain control over phones accessing your infrastructure. Device management allows you to configure and update settings for iPhones, with the ability to lock or wipe handsets in the event of them being lost or stolen.  We can also provide a backup service - so that if you're unlucky enough to lose or damage your iPhone, your valued data is duplicated and ready for downloaded into a replacement handset.




From the latest iPad to previous generation MacBooks we have years of significant experience in setup, connection and data storage with Apple products.  We retain an active Apple fleet internally, all used to provide applications and resources from off-site locations as well as in the office, and we help organizations to connect their Apple devices and bring them into the company infrastructure. 

Contact us on 0121 314 0001 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get our help and advice.