Hosted Desktop Solutions

While hosting your user's desktops may bring tangible benefits in centralising management and control of applications and data, it can also be deployed in a number of different ways to meet the demands of your staff.

Perhaps the best known approach to desktop hosting is the hosted shared environment, where you can transform how you deliver applications and data to your users. But not everyone will fit in this approach, and so we provide two alternative methods of bringing desktop hosting to your organization that minimize the impact on staff who require more flexibility in how they can utilise company programs and information.

  • Support up to 500 users - from one server

    Hosted Shared solutions from We Solve IT are perfect for organizations looking for an efficient way to manage desktop access to multiple groups regardless of their location or device.
    We Solve IT have developed proprietary techniques to implement Microsoft RDS and Citrix Xenapp solutions that offer the highest density of users per server.


    Providing and managing applications and services to users can be time-consuming to both set up and maintain.  The problem becomes much larger when dealing with multiple groups of users, or with remote offices and users, requiring standardised access to office and other Line Of Business (LOB) applications.

    Our hosted shared solutions provides a secure, server-based approach to managing users that slashes management time.  By creating user workspaces within your datacentre, we can create standardised, locked-down environments that allow you to control your users and the applications and data they access - quickly and simply from one location.

    This solution is also a highly cost effective way to extend the life of your hardware, or even to allow users to use their own devices.  As the technology does not depend on the client machine to work beyond the display and keyboard, almost any device that can connect to the internet and be granted access to the company  infrastructure can be used. Terminals, desktops and notebooks beyond the company's working lifecycle, even smartphones can be used by staff to connect and work. 

    We even have nifty solutions to enable users to continue work without having internet connectivity.

  • Remote Desktop Gets Personal

    While our hosted shared solution is the optimum choice for centralised, locked down management of users, there are those who require more independence yet would still benefit from centralised management.

     vhd new

    Our Citrix or Vmware Hosted Virtual Desktop (VDI) solution provides the ability for you to provide a complete, individual workspace for up to 30 users per server, with user control to tailor as they require.   

    Our hosted virtual desktop solution provides the best of both worlds; your users can utilise a workspace that is theirs to personalise as they need, while your organization benefits from centralised management of the device for updates, application delivery and management. 

  • Hosted Desktop for People On The Move

    Streamed Virtual Hosted Desktop provides a secure way for your users to access applications and data - and allows them to continue working even when not connected.streaming-vhd-diagram-new

    While the benefits of hosted desktops are attractive for many organizations, some need to added ability for users to continue working while not actively connected - when travelling for example. 

    Our streamed VHD solution provides a feed to the remote device on connection, giving your users fast access to to company applications and information which continues to be available when disconnected - enabling them to continue to be productive even when offline.  Incremental changes to applications and data are updated when reconnected, so your users are always presented with the latest updates, removing them need to manually search and synchronise their computer.

Usable and beneficial remote desktop access technology within your organisation depends a careful analysis of your objectives, your infrastructure, and of course your budget. Over the many years we have been helping organisations to implement remote desktop access we have accumulated extensive knowledge and an array of solutions that are flexible to suit your immediate and long term requirement.

For small organisations looking to introduce Remote Desktop Access with Microsoft Small Business Server, we provide configuration services to enable them to access applications and data.

If your organisation is looking to get started with Remote Desktop Access with Microsoft Windows Server instead of Small Business Server, we can help you through configuring your current installation as well.

If your remote desktop objectives fall beyond the abilities of Microsoft Windows Server or Small Business Server, then we can also provide high value Remote Desktop Access solutions.