Mobile Device Management

Manage, Secure and Track Your Devices with Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management from We Solve IT is an online service that allows you to easily manage, secure, monitor, find and track your tablets, iPhones and Android smartphones from an easy to use online dashboard.

Use Mobile Device Manager to:

  • Find, Track Smartphones and Tablets
  • Secure Corporate Data on Mobiles
  • Manage and Deploy Apps
  • Monitor Mobile Device Usage
  • Block Rogue Apps
  • Enforce Password Policies
  • Remote Lock Wipe

Monitor the status and location of each device in real time. Should you lose or misplace a device, it’s easy to change the password and lock the device even if even if it isn’t connected to the internet. If it can’t be recovered, remotely wipe the data from it, including data stored on SD cards.

Directly install your Android and iPhone apps on single or multiple devices, so you don’t have to upload them to a public forum, like Google Play. Audit and monitor user activity, including call logs and apps installed.

  • Find, Track, Secure and Manage Your Mobile Devices with Mobile Device Management

    3CX Mobile Device Manager Features3CX Mobile Device Manager is an online service that allows you to easily manage, secure, monitor, find and track your Android and iOS mobile devices.

    Ensure Mobile Device Security.

    with over 10,000 mobile devices stolen in London every day, it's imperative to secure the data that’s on your business units. 3CX Mobile Device Manager lets you remotely lock a device to prevent misuse and, if necessary, completely wipe all of its data, returning the device back to its factory default settings - even if the device isn’t connected to the internet. Enforce a password policy to all connected devices, and set the number of failed password attempts before a device is automatically reset to factory defaults. You can also monitor the apps installed across all devices to ensure they remain free of malware.

    Find and Track

    You’ll always know where your mobile devices are and where they’ve been with 3CX Mobile Device Manager – the service automatically stores complete location history for each device or only for specific groups for complete analysis. Improve customer service and response times by supervising the routes your employees take – send them directions with Google Maps and redirect your nearest available employee to customer call outs.

    Manage Mobile Apps

    Use 3CX Mobile Device Manager to deploy apps en masse with just a few mouse clicks. Review installed apps on all connected devices. Monitor for malware and remove inappropriate and rogue apps. Create a whitelist of approved apps and send all inappropriate apps to the blacklist to be automatically blocked.

    Remote Lock and Wipe

    If a device is lost or stolen, immediately lock it remotely until it can be retrieved. If the device is irretrievable, it’s imperative to remotely wipe all of its data, which is easy to do even if it isn’t connected to the Internet.

    Remote Administration

    With 3CX Mobile Device Manager you can configure settings remotely for individual devices or multiple devices simultaneously, including email settings and Wi-Fi network configuration and passwords. View installed apps, call logs and messages sent and received and the model name, operating system version and CPU and memory usage for each device. 3CX Mobile Device Manager also alerts you to important events such as policy violations.



  • Getting Started with 3CX Mobile Device Manager

    It only takes a few minutes to set up 3CX Mobile Device Manager and start taking advantage of it’s features. These are the steps you need to take:

    Register with 3CX Mobile Device Manager

    Go to

    Once you submit your details, you will receive a verification email. Click the link in the email to complete sign up.

    Install the 3CX MDM app on Your Android or iOS Device

    Once your account has been activated, you need to install the 3CX Mobile Device Manager Client on your mobile devices:

    Enter the account name on the 3CX MDM app

    After installation, startup the 3CX Mobile Device Manager app and enter your account name. The 3CX MDM app will connect to the server.

    • For Android devices – Accept Administrator privileges for the 3CX MDM app – click Activate
    • For Apple devices – Accept installation of the management profile

    Log in to the 3CX Mobile Device Manager Administration Portal and approve the device

    Now go to and log in with your credentials. Account name is in lower-case characters and your email address and password are case-sensitive. Your device should be immediately visible in the ‘Pending’ list. Approve the device

    Within a minute or two, the status will update on the device to green and you can start managing and tracking the device. Repeat steps 2 to 4 on all devices you wish to manage.


  • Why should I consider Mobile Device Management?

    With mobile devices and applications increasingly used in the workplace, so the issue of controlling them becomes more vital to prevent abuse or loss of the devices, which can mean loss of data, or misuse of applications. By optimizing the functionality of mobile devices while controlling and protecting the data and configuration settings for all mobile devices in a network, support costs and business security risks are lowered.

    Via the user-friendly online dashboard, 3CX Mobile Device Manager allows mobile tracking – users can find and track connected devices in real time and view the routes employees take via Google Maps. Send messages to any number of devices simultaneously without the associated charges, whilst being provided with instant delivery status.

    Organisations using mobile device management are better placed to remain compliant with legislation covering privacy and data protection. For example, users can remotely lock mobile devices or completely erase sensitive company data from an abused, lost or stolen mobile device. 3CX Mobile Device Manager also offers secure communications between the 3CX Mobile Device Manager servers and devices in order to keep data secure. Devices and corporate data can be protected by remotely enforcing a strong password policy.

    Mobile device management also means the ability to manage mobile apps that are on each device. You can deploy, manage, block or remove rogue apps on individual or groups of devices, ensuring productivity is high, reducing the risk of dangerous mobile malware and maintaining data plan and call budgets.

    Multiple administrators can manage an account and detailed reports allow users to audit any associated activity, including call logs, call costs, messages sent and received as well as the apps that have been installed or removed. Via the administrations portal, users are instantly alerted to important events.

    What devices does 3CX Mobile Device Manager support?

    Currently Android and Apple devices are supported, with Windows Mobile support coming shortly

    Is Mobile Device Manager free?

    For up to 5 users, Mobile Device Manager is free. For organisations looking to secure more than 5 devices we can provide the option of either a hosted or on-premise device management solution, the pricing for which can be found here

Take complete control of your mobile devices. Sign up for your 3CX Mobile Device Manager account today.