Desktop Virtualisation And Security


As desktop virtualisation begins to gain ground in acceptance, the benefits of the technology in relation to information assurance and general security are becoming more established. According to a recent report prepared by Citrix, over nine out every ten implementations in the next twelve months will be primarily for information security reasons.desktop-virtualisation-and-security

The security benefits of desktop virtualisation are incorporated in the architecture; to deliver the standardised experience for all users the desktops, applications and data are centralised. This methodology leads to a homogenous management that can offer detailed, policy-based access control while supporting regulatory compliance via monitoring and reporting on data access and usage.

This improvement in information security comes alongside increased flexibility in availability. An authorised user has more freedom in the device they prefer to utilise – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone – without suffering a degradation in performance. With the increased interest in BYOD, being able to retain control of information will be paramount in meeting the challenge of allowing flexibility of access with management of data and regulatory compliance, along with attendant needs in providing traditional endpoint security.

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