3CX Call Centre Features

VoIP Call Centre Features

The 3CX Call Centre Solution includes a number of features designed to make management of your customer operations simple and more accurate, including: 

Advanced Real time Queue Statistics

  • Monitor queues and their status
  • View queues and the level of callers in each
  • Log agents in and out of queues to react to excessive calls waiting

Use Advanced Agent Statistics

  • See how long an agent is logged in/out of the queue
  • Review the amount of answered/unanswered calls
  • See stats on average and longest wait time, abandoned calls and more
  • Integrate with Wallboards for team visibility

Call Back Feature

  • Let callers hang up and retain their position in the queue
  • The customer is called back when an agent becomes available
  • Call back notification emails are sent to the supervisor  

Flexible queue configurations, including:

  • Round Robin
  • Longest Waiting
  • Least Talk Time
  • Fewest Answered
  • Hunt By Threes - Random
  • Hunt By Threes - Prioritized

SLA Alerts

  • Supervisors and managers can be notified when callers have to wait beyond a configurable amount of time
  • Events are logged in order to meet customer service requirements
  • SLA notification emails are sent to the supervisor  

Agent training / monitoring

  • call-center-featuresSilent monitoring can be done by using the 'Listen in' review ongoing calls without the agent and caller knowing about it
  • Option to 'Listen and Whisper' -  relate information to the agent without the customer hearing
  • Supervisors can also 'Barge in' - enter the call and assist the agent and customer