April 2013 Newsletter

Once again, welcome to our Newsletter - which now that winter has finally slunk away is brought to you in the bright April sunshine. We've got plenty to tell you about too, including our new website - we've done a lot of work behind the scenes on this - along with free software-a-plenty and some advice on avoiding your systems being hacked.

Yay! Our New Website

Admittedly this is a bit self-indulgent, but we’re still very delighted to let our new website slip anchor and go live. And it’s a relatively big place too; over a hundred pages dedicated to business technology and how to best deploy it in your organisation. Solutions and services, news, announcements, guides, white papers; loads of information all aimed to help you build and maintain an infrastructure that really delivers great value to your organisation.

In fact, we’re so happy with the new website we have started plastering it all over the likes of LinkedIn too, so you can keep up to date with news and announcements on there as well – just click on the buttons to add us and you can then use our new services, such as the advice guides or our white paper library. All at no cost to you, so take your head out of that horse’s mouth and go take a look around.

Why You Should Stick With Microsoft Small Business Server

In our last newsletter we had some info on Microsoft Small Business Server, which a lot of you read and some of you asked for more info. So we thought we would have an ongoing SBS feature in our newsletters, starting with our opnion on its replacement, Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

Basically, if you're thinking of migrating to the new platform, don't.

That might sound like a strange piece of advice coming from a computer services company, but there is plenty of logic behind our comment. It's not due to the replacement for SBS being poor - far from it, Windows Essential is a good product. Nor is it down to it being expensive - the new platform is quite cost effective, particularly as it doesn't need Client Access Licences hich can be a hidden cost for some.

So, why are we suggesting you keep your current SBS deployment? Read our thoughts in more detail here.

Secure Your Phone For Free

Do you remember the pit of the stomach feeling when realising you can’t find your mobile phone? Your contacts, messages, diary, all stored on that little piece of glass and plastic, and it’s gone.Mobile Device Manager

Not a nice thought, is it – and we’ve all been there at some point, wondering where on earth we’ve put our phone or tablet.

Well, you can now use a brilliant new service that can locate your phone for you – and if it has been stolen you can make it utterly useless to the thief as well.

The best bit is the price – for up to 5 phones or tablets it is completely free.

Want to know more? Have a look at Mobile Device Manager on our new web… okay, you get the message now. But take a look, it really is excellent.

Monitor VMware or Hyper-V FREE

Last month we brought you details on how to get an excellent free backup tool for VMware or Hyper-V environments. You can still get it by the way, the link is here.

This month, how about a very useful monitoring and reporting tool for your virtualised platform? Veeam ONE gives you the ability to look at your virtual environment and how to improve its performance. And it’s free. We’re good to you, aren’t we?

Go and grab your free copy here

Email Phishing Scams

A couple of weeks ago we sent a message to our customers regarding the recent rise in phishing scams, but due to some more enquiries from other firms we’re sending this out to everyone.

It’s a great shame that email phishing continues to be a popular form of online fraud – but as long as people click on links then the criminals will keep sending out their messages. Annoyingly, they are getting better at their nasty little game too. So, a useful reminder for you and your colleagues to be careful of any messages from banks or the likes of PayPal etc, and if you need some copy to distribute to staff or your friends then feel free to forward on this message or use the copy on our web page here.

And Finally

Online businesses might be one of the few ways to get rich quick these days, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be happy too. Consider the man behind match.com. His girlfriend ran off with another man. Who she met on match.com