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White Paper Library

Our white paper library is a continually-evolving, ever growing source of information that we believe will help you to understand technologies, guide you on best practices and give you the confidence to develop your business systems strategy.

Within our white paper library you will discover the following:

  • Articles and documentation written in-house and largely based on our personal experiences delivering technologies to customers.  
  • Documentation from our vendor partners, published in part of whole, focusing on their work and how it can be of benefit to you.
  • General commercial information covering topics including compliance, best practice, evaluation guides and checklists.


  • The Basics of Virtualization Performance
    This business primer looks at the implications of adopting virtualization upon the physical hardware used, giving information on how issues are overcome using VMware technologies.

    Application and Desktop Virtualization
    Traditional, distributed application deployment and management has become extremely complex and costly —and is completely unable to keep up with the rapid pace of change and other, pressing business issues. Read more on how We Solve IT with Citrix XenApp can help your organization overcome these issues

    Delivering Applications Anywhere, Anytime - With Maximum Security and Control Over Data
    We look at traditional application deployment, the associated security issues, and how Citrix XenApp help your organization overcome these problems

    Reducing Energy Costs With Virtualization
    Energy consumption is a critical issue for IT organizations today - and with Industry analysts estimating the annual cost of powering a server will soon exceed its acquisition cost it will become increasingly important . Underutilized desktop and server hardware is at the root of the problem,   running at average utilization rates of only 5-15% yet consuming while idle nearly as much power as when active. Add hardware capacity that is  typically over-provisioned because it is hard to adjust dynamically and the result is too much hardware that is highly inefficient at delivering IT services.

  • PCI SSD: Cloud Computing
    This is the recently announced supplement to the PCI standards; required reading for anyone looking at moving to a cloud provider

    Application Control White Paper: Balancing Productivity with Security
    With the continual evolution of the web, organizations have to strike a balance between keeping control of the infrastructure while empowering employees, partners, and other stakeholders with access to critical functionality. This white paper looks at how to help reach an optimum solution

    SSL VPN Grows Up: Time to Demand More from Your Next SSL VPN
    SSL VPN solutions were first deployed to provide a simple, if at time limited, method of secure remote access.  Now, SSL VPN is far more powerful and capable - read how SSL VPN could provide new benefits to your organization

    BYOD: Opportunity or Nightmare?
    Bring Your Own device - allowing employees to use their own machines to work on - is growing in popularity as organisations look to reduce capital expenditure on client computers. But does it also herald a new era of risk? Read this white paper from WatchGuard for their take on the subject.

  • Open-e and Intel Servers

    Organizations are making increasing demands on their storage capabilities to perform in systems infrastructures that are optimally compact, support virtualization, cloud computing, deliver outstanding performance and use a minimum amount of energy. This white paper discusses how DSS meets many of these criteria.

    VMware and Virtual Storage

    This white paper from Open-e looks at VMware virtualization and the question of effective storage management.

  • VoIP And Small Businesses: A Primer
    In conjunction with our partner 3CX we have written a simple overview of Voice Over IP telephony to help you get up to speed with the basics.


All documentation published is done on an advisory basis and no liability can be accepted by us for any damage or injury sustained from actions arising from reading the above literature.